A Few Ludlow Recommendations

If you haven’t visited Ludlow before, here are a selection of a few of our favourite spots for you to consider:



Koo, 127 Old Street, Ludlow

Website: http://www.koo-ook.co.uk/

Koo is an elegant Japanese restaurant, owned by the charming Mari Kure. The exquisite food is both delicious and authentic – perfect for a romantic meal.


55_mill st

55 Mill Street, 55 Mill Street, Ludlow

Simply one of the best vintage clothing and antique shops in the UK, this shop is a treasure trove. Curated and managed by the international textile expert Nina Hely-Hutchinson, hours can easily be lost browsing the three floors, and people regularly come from miles and miles around. “At 55 Mill Street, we are a collective of traders selling decorative antiques and vintage clothing.  This rather concise description can of course range from an old linen press (with original paint), to old pots and garden furniture, to mounted antlers (for your hats…?), to a beautiful 1930s wedding dress, or a great tweed jacket (to go with the hats..?). With 18 traders one never knows what to expect…”




The Dog That Hangs Well, 14 Corve Street, Ludlow

A charming and unique drinking experience – this parlour pub has no sign, but you can tell it is open when the streetlamp outside is lit up. The pub occupies the ground floor of the Georgian townhouse of the landlord.






Pizza Ten, Quality Square, Ludlow

Extremely good pizza, in a stylish setting, in a quiet Ludlow courtyard.






Black Bough, 2 Market Street, Ludlow

Black Bough is an independent shop set up by Adam Withington and Alex Barter in March 2011. The name ‘Black Bough’ is inspired by a short Ezra Pound poem which reads “The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough”. The poem can be read as seeing beauty in every day things and this is the philosophy behind the shop. “We stock items that we think are well made, well designed and… well priced. Some of the things that we stock are old, some are new, all are made with consideration and care.”

They also sell an astonishing array of vintage watches – Alex has worked in the vintage watch market for two decades, spending more than 12 years as an expert and director at Sotheby’s watch department.



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