The Ludlow Smokehouse wins Eco Award

The Ludlow Smokehouse, supplier of some amazing smoked meat and cheese has acheived Silver Status in the Green Achiever scheme.

The scheme, developed by the environmental consultancy E4environment and promoted by the Heart of England Fine Foods (HEFF) provides assessment and ratings for food providers.

Martyn Emsen, the owner of the Ludlow Smokehouse, E4environment gave the following comments:

“Brine cure is used as a weed killer once the process has been completed. The wooden boxes that the fish is delivered in are chipped and used to light the kilns.

“Our drying room is designed to incorporate ceiling and wall shutters to create natural free airflow, with no need for any artificial sources of power.

“The kiln itself is powered by a good old fashioned match, using the traditional draught method, with no electric fans. There are no timers, just the skill of the artisan kiln-master.

“Wood shavings are collected from a local sawmill, recycling his natural waste product. All refrigeration is attached to a heat reclaiming unit which warms the packing room.”

Well, we like our food and if it can be green as well then all the better.

The Ludlow Smokehouse will be at the the Ludlow Food Festival again later this year with the Ludlow Mustard Company (a great partner for some smoked meats) and you can find out more here: You can also email the smoke house here:

Ludlow is always busy food festival time so check out our availability page and get booked up today!

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